World class teamwork occurs when individuals?

  • Are composed under pressure.
  • Work together helping each other through challenging times.
  • Reflect and refine their processes to gain an edge on their rivals.
  • Demonstrate bouncebackability and resilience, never giving up.
  • Share a vision and expectations.
  • Produce consistently high performances.

World class teamwork is very powerful yet sadly rare.  It is fantastic to see teams when they are at their best.

However, the reality is that many teams suffer from some if not all of these 4 problems:

1.Ineffective leadership.

Leaders have the because I said so attitude and the only reason that employees are set tasks is because management teams said so.  This type of behaviour causes fear in the workplace and a reluctance to act in case of repercussions.

2.Poor communication.

Employees, listening skills are poor where they often talk over each other.  During team meetings people are there because they have to be but often fail to speak up.  Similarly, people may often nod in agreement because they feel uncomfortable about sharing their concerns.

3.Assumptions, Assumptions, Assumptions….

Leaders fail to communicate their wishes or expectations to employees and assume that they know what they should be doing.

4.Absence of Team Identity.

These teams often do not have a compelling vision of the future. Leaders may not have formally communicated to employees the team and personal objectives.  A lack of commitment and conflict may result because of a lack of collaboration.

Now consider which behaviours you would prefer in your team.

Would it give you better performance and a more productive workplace? What difference would it make to your profits?

By choosing one or more of these services with specialist support for your teams and individuals you can gain a fantastic competitive advantage on rival organisations and give your staff a fantastic experience.

High Performing Team MOT

We can help teams and individuals learn simple practical strategies to achieve your organisations objectives combining personal insights along with cutting edge tools from elite sport, sport psychology, sport science and neuroscience.

Insightful tools that we have access to are i3 Dynamix, MTQ48 reporting as well as bespoke Team Cohesion and Well-being reports.  All reports have been specifically designed for groups of people and give us the opportunity to:

  • Deliver feedback to individuals based on their own and group reports
  • Present group feedback where a team is created
  • Present a thought provoking workshop to teams to develop team morale
  • Set team and individual actions to ensure that the new findings are not wasted

These approaches have been successfully used for many different types of teams in various sectors. Whether you are a small working group, a group of board members, or a management team in part of a large organisation we can help take your team to another level.

For more details on the High Performing Team MOT Process.




High Performance Team Bonding

Also on offer where we work in association with Discover Edventure, are bespoke High Performance Team Bonding days in the outdoors.

Why the outdoors?

Spending time in the outdoors has so many advantages:

  • It helps refresh and revitalise people
  • It can calm the mind and relax you
  • You are more likely to be mindful and present in the moment
  • Wonderful creative ideas can flow
  • It gives you the opportunity to really get to know each other
  • And of course it is great fun….

Long gone are the stresses and strains of modern day life and the workplace where there is so much noise with the use of mobile phones, technology and social media.

Click here for more information on how High Performance Team Bonding sessions in the outdoors work.

Gold Medal Sessions

Gold Medal Sessions are 90–120 minute high impact workshops that are a great way to introduce high
performance principles and provide practical tools that people can start to use immediately.  They are ideal for between 10 – 50 people.

Podium Sessions

These short 45-60 minute interactive workshops are ideal for “breakfast sessions” or “lunch and learn”
sessions.  They are thought provoking and high impact sessions highlighting important messages linked to high performance.  They are ideal for up to 25 people.

Corporate Athlete Masterclasses

One-day masterclasses provide a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable insights into the key principles of high performance to your role. The Corporate Athlete Masterclasses are hugely interactive, including individual and group exercises with plenty of opportunities for discussions.  They work well for up to 20 people and always leave people with clear developmental objectives to takeaway.

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