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Are you an Athlete who could Improve Your Mental Game?

May be some of these statements ring true…

  • I know that I can achieve more
  • I lack confidence
  • Trusting myself is tough at times
  • I perform well in training but can’t put it together under pressure in matches or competitions
  • I feel sick going out to perform and can’t control my nerves
  • I think too much when competing, always worrying about making a mistake or what other people think

Here at Inspiring Sporting Excellence leading Sport Psychologist, David Charlton is running an exciting online programme designed to help you perform at your best more consistently.

How does it work?

David provides fantastic value for money, for ONLY £499 you can gain access to:

– A Free Comprehensive Mental Toughness Report

– A Free i3 Profiling Leadership Report

– 6 Free Monthly Psychic Energy Reports

– 2 Free Quarterly Goal Setting Sheets

– 6 Free Monthly Goal Setting Sheets

– A Free Mental Toughness Secrets EBOOK

– Live Video’s

– ‘How To’ videos on numerous topics

– Downloadable Mental Toughness Exercises

– Online Specialist Support from David Charlton is available throughout via email and instant message

– Membership to a Private Facebook group (Max group size is 4)

Additional extra’s

*£399 – For 9 x 45 minute Skype calls during the programme

Mental Toughness Secrets – Online Mental Toughness – 6 MONTH Programme

Starting: Monday 01 April 2019

Ending: Monday 30 September 2019

To sign up get in touch NOW:

David Charlton

David Charlton

HCPC Registeed Sport and Exercise Psychologist

T: +44 7734 697769

E: [email protected]