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In my previous post I discussed different characteristics connected to the Fixed Mindset and showed how some athletes will react to different situations.  In my opinion these athletes are unlikely to produce their very best performances, at least consistently, for the remainder of the year.

Some of these features even very accomplished athletes will be able to relate to, at times, especially those that feel that they have plateaued and not moved forward the way they should.

This blog is more positive and highlights a better approach and 10 tips to help you succeed.

  1. Athletes who have a Growth Mindset believe that their approach can be developed. They will view themselves like a muscle that can be trained.  This mindset points to the desire to improve.
  2. They will take the time to sit back and work out what areas that they need to improve, perhaps seeking guidance from a coach, mentor or sports psychologist.
  3. In the face of challenges that come their way they take them head on.
  4. In people’s paths, obstacles always occur, this athlete will not be discouraged.
  5. Setbacks will be seen as an opportunity to learn something new about themselves.
  6. Failures will not exist in their vocabulary, only outcomes. They’ll always retain that self-belief of being a “winner”.
  7. This athlete will view effort as something essential, they likely won’t notice how much time and energy they are spending on something in order to develop.
  8. Mastery of the task will be their aim and they will leave their ego behind not worrying what others think.
  9. Criticism or negative feedback will be seen in a helpful way. They won’t take this personally and will seek to learn.
  10. Other people’s success will be seen as motivating, this athlete will hunt down information to understand how they can best use the knowledge.

Benefits of Training and Competing with a Growth Mindset

There are too many benefits to list, however by introducing these ideas you are more likely to reach your potential.  The Growth Mindset will encourage positive momentum which helps you to keep learning.  You will also feel a sense that you are in charge of your destiny, which is a great place to be! 🙂

Feel free to get in touch if you want to compete at your best consistently with a GROWTH MINDSET. One 2 One coaching is available; face to face, via the telephone or SKYPE or online via email.

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