Tom Short

Tom Short

Associate Mental Skills Performance Coach & Sports Counsellor

Tom Short has completed BSc Psychology at Manchester University and holds a MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology from Northumbria University.  He is currently working and studying towards his Stage 2 Qualification in Sport and Exercise Psychology to become a HCPC Registered Sport and Exercise Psychologist.  

He is an avid cricket player through summer, and a passionate football fan too. As a result, he takes a keen interest in performance within sports, especially within team sports. This has led him to take on an exciting opportunity at Loughbrough University where his is doing a PhD in Elite Performance Psychology.  He enjoys supporting athletes in elite sports environments to enhance their psychological skills to improve their sporting performance and well-being.

Tom is currently providing educational group and and 1-to-1 sessions for academy football players at a high level national league football team.  Helping players to play at their best more consistently, whilst encouraging them to play fearlessly. 

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