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The Focused Athlete Checklist

Focused Athlete Checklist


* Finding it HARD to transfer your skills from practice to competitions or matches?

* Know that you need to IMPROVE your mental game?

* Want to make this year your BEST year yet?

Focused Athlete Checklist

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    Focused Athlete Checklist
    Focused Athlete Checklist
    I’m guessing you put a lot of TIME and EFFORT into your sport?
    Perhaps you also shell out a lot of MONEY too?
    You’re very MOTIVATED and DRIVEN to achieve your goals?
    You always feel like you just aren’t quite there. That something is missing. You keep getting close but you FAIL to produce your best. You may even train and practice really well, often and see glimpses of HOPE.
    Personally, I’ve been there when I was highly motivated to become the best golfer I could be for many years.
    Professionally, I’ve also seen it a lot in my work across a range of sports; golf, football, rugby, cricket, motor sport, triathlon…
    I can assure you there are things that you CAN do differently to help yourself.
    You don’t need to LIMIT yourself.
    You CAN get out of your own way.
    You can really go for your BIG DREAMS and GOALS.
    You can see it as an ADVENTURE and FUN.
    This is when the MAGIC happens!
    The FOCUSED ATHLETE checklist can help you take your performances up a notch or 2. I have no doubt.

    The FREE tips shared will give you some ideas on what Mental Skills to start applying to your day to day routines.

    Then with ACTION from yourself it can only mean one thing…

    David Charlton


    Discover how to integrate Mental Skills training into your routines so you train and compete with more FOCUS and CONCENTRATION.