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If you are an athlete who wants to improve a technical skill.  For example, heading the ball in football, driving the golf ball off the tee, tackling in rugby, bowling yorkers in cricket….  

What would you do?  

You’d likely breakdown your technique with a coach, then practice and seek to improve in the relevant area.

Yet, if you have a challenge with your mental game what do you do?  

Many athletes do nothing and leave it to chance.  Yet, the best, the very best of the best athletes do not – they take responsibility and work on their mental game. 

They take time to look to develop different aspects such as:

  • Thriving under Pressure
  • Self Confidence and Belief
  • Focus and Concentration
  • Emotional Control and Body Language
  • Motivation and Discipline
  • Pre Shot or Performance Routines

In the Inspiring Sporting Excellence Sports Psychology blog.  You’ll find many articles designed to improve your mental game.  Helping you learn how to deal with pressure and challenges, preparing your mind in helpful ways so that you can perform at your optimum, more consistently.  

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