Sport Psychology for Children

Parents all struggle with encouraging the children in sports from time to time.  At some point it’s pretty inevitable that something happens and your child or children don’t want to go to train or compete.

So how as a parents can we help them get over that?

One helpful thing is to understand why.  Have they burnt out and done too much? Is it lack of motivation? Is it that they’re interests have changed? Or is their coach or are you as parents putting them under too much pressure?

Once you have worked out the cause then you’ll be better placed to find a solution.

See below for 2 quiz’s that I believe will help you find the cause, I guarantee.

If you ask your child or children to take the quiz and you also take the parental quiz.  Then go on to compare notes.  It should open up a nice conversation and help you get a better feel for why your child chooses to play sport.

Click on the links to find out more:

Children and Youth Motivation for Sport Quiz

Child and Youth Motivation Quiz for Parents

Alternatively to see other resources and helpful information on Child Sport Psychology CLICK HERE.

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