My Approach is Much More Simple

“I used to practice and play a lot but I just couldn’t get it round.  I always felt my game was just about there but I kept getting in my own way.  David helped me keep my pre-shot routine simple and stop overthinking things between shots.” – Jason, Cumbria – Professional Golfer

I Now Realise I’ll Never Be Perfect

“I approached David because I was not enjoying my golf.  I practised really hard, 4-5 hours most days and competed occasionally.  I hated competing because I was always searching for perfect technique.  My confidence was shot.  David helped me become more fearless and to get out there playing more and have fun.” – Sam, Yorkshire …

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I Used to Hate Playing Golf

“I very nearly quit and then I met David. He helped me start enjoying the game again and I went on to reduce my handicap from 7 to 5 in 2 months winning a few club competitions. I’d definitely recommend working with him.” – Peter, Sunderland – 5 Hcp Golfer