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The resource bank is continually updated and improved with a focus on specific areas which we specialise in: Golf, Football and Goalkeeping as well as Sport Psychology in General and Sport Psychology for Children and Parents.

The blog section is also updated weekly and has many helpful tips for young athletes, serious amateur athletes and professional athletes as well as parents and coaches.

Sports Psychology

Sports Psychology Resources
Sports Psychology
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Demystifying Mental Toughness Podcast

Demystifying Mental Toughness

Demystifying Mental Toughness is a podcast for people who want to reach their goals faster and are curious what high performing athletes and professionals do to fulfil their potential.  If you’re a motivated athlete, coach, sport psychologist, mental game coach or executive listen in for proven and practical advice in this podcast.

The information that you share on your website, social media and in your Mental Edge updates is really helpful, keep up the good work.