Conversations With Kids: Big Picture

Conversations with Kids - Week 7

For parents and guardians where we give you prompts so that you can have more meaningful conversations with your children to help them build key characteristics such as mental toughness, resilience, confidence, creativity, focus and so on.  

A Question for your Kids

If you could rename your club, what would you call it?

Conversations With Kids: Environment and Culture


  • Bigger picture mentality
  • Creativity

Directions for Parents:

Consider the name of your favourite team. The history behind the name.  The victories and losses, the hardwork and effort behind the scenes.  The values and culture that the club stands for.  The image the club gives out to people. As a parent, I’d encourage you to consider where your values are challenged in different situations in life when you chat with your children.

Ideas for Kids:

  1. What are the 3 most important values your club should adopt.
  2. Why will coaches and parents be challenged to adopt these values.
  3. What are the challenges that players might come across to carry out these values.

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