How to Achieve my Golfing Potential

Reaching your golfing potential

Golf Psychology Tips: How to Achieve my Golfing Potential

Is Reaching Your Golfing Potential Important to You?

If I had received £10 for every time I heard the following moans and groans from golfers, I’d be rich!  Often hearing things like “I’m a better player than my scores show”, “I should have done better”, “If only I could putt or drive better then I’d shoot much lower scores”.

Lots of golfers accept that this is the way it is.  When faced with the challenge of making their game better, more consistent, they will fail.


Well, these golfers approach their golfing goals with a fixed mindset.  This term has been discussed at length by Carol Dweck, a reknowned professor of psychology at Stanford University, who for over 3 decades has researched rigorously the keys behind successful people and achievers.   Having looked closely at Dr Dweck’s work, I’ve highlighted 13 characteristics and actions, which in my opinion are likely to hold golfers back from reaching their potential.

13 Reason Why Golfers Don’t Fulfil Their Potential

  1. They view their golfing ability as stuck and have the attitude, “I am the way I am.”
  2. This golfer will stick to what they always do or things that they are comfortable with. Perhaps always playing the same courses or playing the same competitions with the same people at the same time.  They may also practice in the same manner regularly.
  3. Challenges that crop up will be avoided and they will give up easily. This person may throw the towel in very early in a round.
  4. When looking to make any much needed changes to ensure that they improve they may worry too much about what other people think and fail to make the necessary changes.
  5. Quick fixes will be their best friend, then they’ll ditch the fix and find another quick fix and so on.
  6. The attitude that working hard is pointless and unpleasant is common with these golfers. Saying to themselves “If it doesn’t come off at least I won’t look stupid”.
  7. They will rely on buying equipment in the hope of getting better.
  8. Lessons with coaches may be common, in this case they won’t take responsibility and lessons will be very similar, time and time again.
  9. They might even see one coach, then another coach and another, frequently chopping and changing.
  10. They’ll avoid putting in any “real” effort to sort out the root cause of problems.
  11. They’ll see any criticism that they receive as an insult and won’t learn from it.
  12. This golfer may be bitter about other people’s success and say things that don’t need to be said.
  13. Other golfer’s success will be seen as lucky and brushed off because they feel threatened.

The result these golfers won’t reach their potential, at least not this season.  Yes, they may have average to good seasons, and have the odd great round.  However, to really make the most of their talent and achieve consistent success a better approach to go with is a growth mindset.

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