Why Breathwork is so Powerful

Why Breathwork is so Powerful

Anna Parker-Naples is an international award-winning Coach, Breathwork Expert, Master NLP Practitioner, Speaker and Author. She is the founder of Influential Breathwork and the Influential Breathwork Coach Certification.  She is author of ‘Get Visible’ and ‘Podcast with Impact’, host of Top 1% global podcast ‘Positively Influential’ and owner of Influential Audio – an awardwinning podcast agency.  Anna was invited to mastermind on Sir Richard Branson’s private island as one of 30 leading female entrepreneurs.  After a period of burnout and ill health, she is passionate about sharing the impactful transformation modality of breathwork, to change lives – one breath at a time.

Have you ever thought about whether you breathe properly? Or do you take breathing for granted as something that we as living humans do automatically?

Today’s podcast episode will be a big help to you should you wish to know more about breathwork, where the founder of Influential Breathwork, Anna Parker-Naples and I discuss how our breathing patterns impact our mind and body.  Performance and mental health benefits are also debated as is the use of deliberate cold immersion. 

Feel free to tune in!

Key Learning Points:

  • Simple changes to how we breathe can fundamentally change our health.
  • A lot of people breath from their upper chest rather than from their diaphragm and stomach.
  • Posture can impact our breathing.
  • Our lifestyles today have a significant impact on our stress levels.
  • Breathing can help us release and let go of some of the things in our bodies that we hold on to.
  • With informed breathwork and cold water immersion people notice that their energy levels are much better.
  • Check out the work of Dr Susanna Soeberg for the intricacies of cold water therapy. 

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