Mental Health: How To Overcome Executive Loneliness

Mental Health: How To Overcome Executive Loneliness

Nick is the Co-Founder and MD of one of Asia’s premiere networking organizations, EGN. He built a caring community that provides hundreds of executives and business owners a safe haven to share their challenges, and receive support and learn from each other.

Beyond his role with EGN, Nick is an acclaimed keynote speaker and executive coach, empowering individuals to unlock their utmost potential. Moreover, he is a world-class IRONMAN triathlon age-group athlete, ranking in the top 1% globally in 2021, and actively contributes as a fundraiser and volunteer for suicide prevention and anonymous 12-step programs.

“It’s lonely at the top” – this is a comment many business leaders in organisations admit where trusted relationships, can often prove sparse.  In sport, for coaches and athletes this can also be the case the higher you go up the success ladder. 

These statements inform episode #197 where the author of the book Executive Loneliness, and Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Executives’ Global Network, Singapore, Nick Jonsson tells me about his experiences as well as sharing what he found when he researched this topic for his book.  We end up discussing the power of talking about the challenges that you face, the benefits of peer support and how difficult it can be to share your vulnerabilities.  In addition self-care and how you can learn to look after yourself better so that your mental and physical health, and in turn your performance levels do not deteriorate are talking points.

Key Learning Points:

  • Many executives suffer from smiling depression where they put up a beautiful facade of what life really is like.  Behind the scenes, it’s not the real truth and they’re not being their authentic self.  This then becomes very tiring and painful.
  • Some executives often don’t want to bother their boss, HR team or even their partner at home as it is very difficult for them to have these types of conversations discussing emotional issues they may be facing.
  • Individual and peer support can be very powerful for executives.
  • The commitment shown by executives, if they are not self-aware, can be harmful to their physical and emotional health, where burnout can become a big factor and unhelpful habits often then creep into our lives.
  • On a scale of 1-10 how important is self-care to you?

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