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Conversations with Kids - Week 18

For parents and guardians where we give you prompts so that you can have more meaningful conversations with your children to help them build key characteristics such as mental toughness, resilience, confidence, creativity, focus and so on.  

A Question for your Kids

What Is It Like In A Bubble?

Conversations with kids bubbles

Do you ever notice your kids getting distracted when they play their sport? This is the topic of this weeks “Conversations with Kids” email.  Where we try to help children who gaze at the next pitch or who look to the sidelines for guidance a lot.   The advice may also help children and parents who are obsessed by results and scores.


  • Focus
  • Concentration 

Directions for Parents

I’m guessing you will have heard the statement, “living in a bubble,” which can infer that you’re living in your own little world unaware of what is going on around you?  In life this isn’t necessarily a great thing however when performing in sport, this can be a good thing.  

Why? Well it means that; You’re focused on your role or job. You are present in the moment. The noise from external factors that can mess with your head you don’t notice.  

Feel free to chat with your children about your and their bubbles.  Consider things that you on a day to day basis, in their sport and when you watch sport or other performers on TV. 

Ideas for Kids

  1. When you’re in your bubble playing at your best? What do you concentrate on? How do you think, feel and act?
  2. When watching sport or musicians on TV talk about the things that can distract them.  (Eg. their own thoughts, spectators, judges, mistakes)
  3. Now turn the conversation into what can distract your children when they play sport.  Ask them for their top 5 distractors and discuss better things to focus on. 

If you would like to share your experiences as a sports parent or get insights regarding kids sport psychology, you may also wish to join David in The Sport Psychology Hub.

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