Conversations With Kids: Criticism

Conversations with Kids - Week 6

For parents and guardians where we give you prompts so that you can have more meaningful conversations with your children to help them build key characteristics such as mental toughness, resilience, confidence, creativity, focus and so on.  

A Question for your Kids

When have you been criticised by a team-mate or a coach and you felt hurt or shamed?

Conversations with kids criticism


  • Dealing with Criticism

  • Emotional Regulation

Directions for Parents:

Children can struggle to deal with criticism for many reasons which can be deeply frustrating, yet they struggle to be able to express this. It’s not easy being a child when you struggle with social skills or managing your emotions.  As a parent, I’d encourage you to consider how you model and help them with these skills when you chat with them.

Ideas for Kids:

  1. Did you see (professional athlete) when he/she played at the weekend. The mistake he/she made, and how (team-mate) reacted. How did he/she respond so calmly. What do you think went through his/her mind so that they were able to get on with playing so quickly.
  2. When (team/mate or friend) got upset at (day/event) when his/her mum/dad/coach/team-mate shouted at them at hm/her. How do you think they felt?
  3. How do you feel when someone shouts at you?

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