What Is The Difference Between Mental Toughness And Resilience #BITESIZE

Doug Strycharzck

What Is The Difference Between
Mental Toughness And Resilience #BITESIZE

Doug Strycharczyk is viewed as a rock star in the Mental Toughness world.  He has pioneered the application of the mental toughness to a wide variety of sectors.   He’s seen as one of the leading authorities worldwide on the application of the 4Cs Mental Toughness model, Doug works in the Occupational, Educational, Social Work, Sports and Health settings in more than 80 countries.  

He’s the CEO for AQR International and an experienced author who has contributed to a number of books that look at developing mental toughness and resilience with individuals and at an organisational level, with youngsters through to leaders. The development of psychometric tests are also a feature of Doug’s work.

Doug Strycharzck
Doug Strycharczyk a leading authority worldwide on the application of the 4Cs Mental Toughness model

Doug Strycharczyk Books: Developing Mental Toughness, Developing Employability and Enterprise, Developing Resilient Organisations, Developing Mental Toughness in Young People 

We’re now 4 years on since the creation of the Demystifying Mental Toughness Podcast therefore David Charlton the host of the podcast made the decision to go back to basics and share an important message busting a myth that exists, that resilience and mental toughness are the same concepts. 

Today, we go back to the very start of the podcast, where well respected pioneer in the field, Doug Strycharczyk, shares his insights into the differences between mental toughness and resilience in this BITE-SIZED episode taken from the hugely popular episode #1.  David also encourages you to learn more about your own mental toughness and highlights the importance of self-awareness.

Key Learning Points:

  • With the wrong attitude you won’t use your skills and abilities well.
  • Peter Clough recognised that four key psychological constructs; control, commitment, challenge and confidence (4C’s) are at the heart of mental toughness.
  • Resilience and mental toughness are very different concepts.
  • The textbook definition of resilience is “the ability to recover from a situation”, therefore  describing your reaction to something that happens.
  • Mental toughness offers a wider explanation of how we cope with different situations.
  • “Resilience is the element that helps you to survive however mental toughness is the element that enables you to thrive, to make the most of the situation area and come out, hopefully with a bit of a smile on your face.”

Connect with Doug Strycharczyk:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dougstrycharczyk/

Email: [email protected]


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