Conversations With Kids: Why Not Now

Conversations with Kids - Week 19

For parents and guardians where we give you prompts so that you can have more meaningful conversations with your children to help them build key characteristics such as mental toughness, resilience, confidence, creativity, focus and so on.  

A Question for your Kids

Why Not Now?

Why Not Now

Today we look at procrastination in our “Conversations with Kids” email so that we help children start tasks in plenty of time and stick to their promises by completing things that they say they will.


  • Habits
  • Procrastination

Directions for Parents

“Not now I’m busy. Later. Tomorrow. I’ll do it!” This is something you’ll here a lot from children when asked to homework, complete some chores and for some when they’re encouraged to do some extras in sport to get fitter or improve their technique. 

This in normal behaviour – a lot of people do delay and put off until the next day what they don’t want to do tomorrow.  Obviously though it’s not the hallmark of a champion!  Maybe you could humanise this as a parent and talk about things that you often put off and why when you chat with your kids.  You could also chat about their sporting heroes and the small things they do on a daily basis.  Also, discuss common reasons why people put things off such as; why tasks may seem boring, why tasks may lack any relevance towards their goals, perfectionism and the traps that come with it, meeting the expectations of others and the amount of time tasks likely take.

Ideas for Kids

  1. Think about a task that you often put off.  What are the consequences of not doing it? What difference will it make if you don’t do it now or don’t do it at all?
  2. How do you think that completing (task) will help you moving forwards in future?
  3. If you complete the (task) do you think the result will live up to your expectations or other peoples expectations?

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