David Charlton, Sport and Exercise Psychologist: Why I Do What I Do

David Charlton

David Charlton, Sport and Exercise Psychologist: Why I Do What I Do

Learn more about why I love to help make a positive difference to people’s lives

This post is set up to help you get to know more about the owner of Inspiring Sporting Excellence, HCPC Registered Sport and Exercise Psychologist, David Charlton.

In a conversation with Amy Rowlinson, a fellow podcaster and the creator of “Focus on Why” David shares more about why he does what he does as a Sports Psychologist.

David also talks about a lot more including:

  • How he got into the field of Sports Psychology.
  • Why he chose to qualify as a Sport and Exercise Psychologist after having a previous career in corporate travel.
  • His golfing talents and football/soccer coaching past, psychological blocks and deficiencies that stalled his progress.
  • Dealing with his wife’s death and redundancy in quick succession and taking the courageous decision to change careers.
  • Overcoming self-doubt whilst studying a BSc in Psychology at Sunderland University and a MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology enroute to qualifying as a Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist.
  • His core values of Challenge, Excellence, Exploration, Health and Family.
  • Models and Theories from psychology such as Self Determination Theory that influence his work.
  • He also explains about the impact the 4Cs Mental Toughness model that Professor Peter Clough created has had on his life and career.
  • Who he supports as a HCPC Registered Sport and Exercise Psychologist and how.

One Key Takeaway

“Look at what it is that’s under your control. What is out of your control? Make sure you focus all your attention and energy on what you can control and you might be able to make it happen. Certainly no reason why not, there’s only you potentially stopping yourself.”

If you’d like to have a conversation with David about how he can support you, your athletes or children.

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David Charlton Sports Psychologist

Best Wishes 

David Charlton

Online Sports Psychologist and Mental Skills Performance Coach who supports athletes, coaches, children and teams with Sports Psychology Coaching all around the world from the UK to UAE to Australia, using ONLINE Video Conferencing. 
Managing Director – Inspiring Sporting Excellence, Host of Demystifying Mental Toughness Podcast and Founder of The Sports Psychology Hub.  With over a decades’ experience supporting athletes, coaches, parents and teams to achieve their goals, faster.

T: +44 7734 697769

E: [email protected]

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