Pre Match Tips for Parents

Pre match tips for parents

Youth Sports Psychology Tips: Pre-Match Tips for Parents

Emotions can run high before matches

As a parent, you are hugely invested in your children.  Right… And when competitive sport comes along emotions can sometimes go into overdrive.

Before a match or competition, as a result it is very tempting to offer tips so that your child goes on to perform well.   You do that because you worry about your child, you REALLY want them to do well.

There is then a strong likelihood that you’ll go on to say things like. “When you’ve got the ball, get head you head up”.  Or “Make sure you don’t miss the target when you shoot”.

These statements are said from the right place, however they can be very unhelpful for children.  Before games or events your child is likely to be nervous too, their brain may be in over-drive with a mixture of nerves and excitement, the last things they need is more instructions and details.

As difficult as it can be, by backing off and allowing your child to think for themselves about what they need to do, your child is likely to feel that you have more confidence and trust in them to succeed.  It will likely free them up to perform in a more automatic fashion.

Children need to feel trust from parents, trust in what they have learned in training sessions.  Less input from parents at this point, allowing your child to take charge and own their pre-match preparation will put them in control and feel more confident.  The more pro-active your child can be the better and what a skill you are teaching them too for life outside of their sport.

As a parent, before a game or event, if you take on the role of helping your child to remain calm and relaxed, free from coaching tips, expectations and distractions you and your child are on the right track.

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