For Goalkeepers Who Get Intimidated

For Goalkeepers Who Get Intimidated​

Goalkeeper Psychology Tips: For Goalkeepers Who Get Intimidated

Do you compare yourself and your team-mates to your opponents?

If the answer is yes – there is a good chance you will get intimidated at times.  You may go on to compare yourself to other goalkeepers who you think are better than you or players on the opposition who you rate highly.

This approach puts your rivals on a pedestal and makes you feel inferior.  Straight from the kick off you’re 1-0 down and have been drawn into self-intimidation.  It’s hugely common and a great way to wreck your self-confidence.

An example, was a professional goalkeeper I supported who, in his previous 6 games had had conceded 14 goals in a team which was struggling near the bottom of the league.  He was worrying about things outside of his control, going on to play in fear and focusing hugely on the scoreline.

So how could he help himself and stop destroying his own confidence?

Here are 3 strategies we used….

1) Stop thinking about what is wrong with yourself by:

a) Listing your strengths

b) Spending time regularly working on improving your strengths

c) Understand what you do when you play well

2) Form some strategies to change your focus when you:

a) Become aware that you have begun to focus on your opponent’s abilities and track records

b) Recognize that doubts about playing well have crept in

c) Feel inferior to the opposition

d) Focus too much on the opposition before the game or in the warm up.

3) Practise imagery, seeing yourself perform at your best, no matter who the opposition is.

All in all, look to show off your skills and abilities, performing to your best against opposition that intimidates you or big name players and remember the opposition are human and may have an off day, they certainly aren’t perfect!

If you find this useful feel free to share this with other goalkeepers, parents or coaches. 

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