Goalkeepers: Do You Thrive Under Pressure?

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Goalkeeper Mindset

Whether you are a top professional goalkeeper or a motivated amateur goalkeeper – I would guess at this time of the year you are putting yourself under more pressure than usual because:

  • Your team is competing at the top of the league
  • Your team is fighting to avoid relegation
  • Your team is doing well in cup competitions
  • You may be tiring from a long hard season

It’s important to remember though, you control whether to put pressure on yourself or not.  You control your thoughts in relation to how important your perceive football matches. You can also choose to control your emotions too.

But do you actually work on your Mental Skills?

This article shares with you some tips so that you go on to play better when it really matters.  Here are some snippets …

“When supporting highly skilled goalkeepers many speak about the benefits of training the mind:

  • Increased trust under pressure
  • Better concentration
  • Improved motivation in training
  • More effective communication… “

“David De Gea, arguably one of the best goalkeepers on the planet, realised he needed to find a mental edge a few years ago to fulfil his potential.  He had a great deal of self-belief however he recognized his game wasn’t as good as his vision of it and that as well as improving technical and physical attributes to succeed in England he understood developing mental skills to deal with the undoubted pressure of playing in goal for Manchester United was essential.”

“A sport psychologist may help ground you and help you get back to the present moment”

If you’d like some more detail on this click here for the full article – When it Really Matters, During Big Matches are you Mentally Tough?

Afterwards, why not drop me a message or an email to share your thoughts or feel free to share it to other goalkeepers or coaches.

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