How Your Money Mindset Influences Your Behaviour

How Your Money Mindset Influences Your Behaviour

How Your Money Mindset Influences Your Behaviour

Lesley Thomas is the founder of The Money Confidence Academy and host of the Let’s Talk Money and more’ Podcast. Lesley works with service based business owners and entrepreneurs, to help them improve their relationship and confidence about money. The more, we own our Money Story, the more we inspire and empower those around us.  The more we defy the belief that money is not for us and talk about it from a place of confidence, the bigger the wave of change.

Having already created a very successful family business over 16 years ago, she understands the intricacies and financial responsibilities involved in owning your own business. With a considerable corporate background in sales, creative marketing and mentoring, across global joint ventures, Lesley developed a keen interest in the power of building strong relationships and synergies, resulting in an impressive portfolio of over achieving on targets. Although Lesley is an advocator for practical business principles, she also believes that in order to lead a lucrative business, you have to create a brand that sets you apart.

An ex-pat from Wales, when Lesley in not working on creating powerful money make-overs for her clients, she can be found at her home in Wiltshire – with her amazingly supportive husband and two sons, or treading the boards in her local village hall, microphone in hand, or accompanying her family to the Alpine mountains, to indulge in their favourite outdoor pursuits .

In today’s episode I chat with the author and the founder of The Money Confidence Academy, Lesley Thomas, where we discuss a subject some people are uncomfortable discussing “money”.  Lesley shares valuable insights into our money mindset and how money can impact our self-worth.  For psychology practitioners or business professionals we chat about pricing your services and conversations that come with this.   We also highlight the relationship between your mental toughness and money.

Key Learning Points:

  • A confident relationship with money starts with having a confident relationship with yourself.
  • Our relationship with money starts around the age of 7 years old, based on what we hear our parents say about money.
  • We often connect our relationship with money with our self-worth.
  • When setting goals pure financial goals are not particularly motivating for a lot of people as they don’t create an emotional connection.
  • See money as an enabler.
  • Social comparison is harmful.
  • When pricing your services consider the results that you are bringing for your clients.

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