How To Use Pre Performance Routines When The Pressure Is On #BITESIZE

How To Use Pre Performance Routines When The Pressure Is On #BITESIZE

Jeremy Snape

Jeremy Snape has the combined experience of being a successful International cricketer and coach to provide innovative performance ideas for teams and leaders. He has the ability to draw upon real life examples from his playing and coaching career which are underpinned by his Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology. 

Jeremy has worked with some very successful corporate clients delivering team culture, leadership and executive coaching programmes. On the sporting front Jeremy has held roles as Performance Coach to the South African Cricket Team as well as Shane Warne’s victorious Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League. Jeremy supported Crystal Palace in the run up to their FA Cup Final in 2016 and worked with Eddie Jones for England Rugby during their unbeaten run of 18 matches. He also joined the League Managers Association in elite football as a Non-Executive Director to support their leadership and management programmes. This role has seen him interview Pep Guardiola, Sir Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho. 

Jeremy has rapidly become one of the most recognised names in sport psychology, offering key insights to national newspapers, Sky Sports and BBC Radio 5 Live. His podcast series ‘Inside the Mind of Champions’ is a regular in the Apple Chart top 10 for Management.  He was also a speaker at the Drucker Forum alongside Simon Sinek.  

In today episode, I’m joined by former international cricketer and Senior Leadership Coach, Jeremy Snape.  Jeremy and I discuss pressure, where he explains why our brains can be hijacked and hinder our performance.  He also shares some great advice on using pre-shot or pre-performance routines as a way of mentally preparing yourself to execute your skills.

Key Learning Points:

  • Our brains are built for safety.
  • Seek to focus on your body, breathing and self-talk to help you stay in the moment.
  • Understanding how you can remain calm and instinctive will help you perform at your best under pressure.
  • To slow yourself down and focus on the “next ball only” is a helpful psychological approach.

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