How To Raise Your Levels Of Vitality

How To Raise Your Levels Of Vitality

David Lindsay is a professional speaker and personal trainer based in Sydney, and has a wealth of experience in coaching, training, and competing as an athlete. He has developed a unique “5 Steps to Improve Vitality” system that has been proven to boost workplace morale, productivity, and ultimately, profitability. David is passionate about sharing this knowledge with others and is eager to bring his message to your workplace.

David’s impressive athletic background includes playing Rugby League up to NSW Cup (formerly Reserve Grade) level, training as a professional arm wrestler, and achieving a Black Belt in Wing Chun, a Purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and competing in several Cage Fights (MMA). Over the last decade, David has studied successful teams and individual athletes, discovering that they all follow a similar structure to his “5 Step System Towards Improved Vitality in the Workplace.”

As a full-time coach and trainer for over 20 years, David has helped transform the bodies, minds, and lives of thousands of people. He has also helped teams to work together to achieve much higher results than anyone expected of them. He brings his experience from both on the paddock and in the Cage, and from the coach’s/trainer’s point of view to achieve optimum results.

David’s speaking engagements have included Grass Roots Development for the ARL (Australian Rugby League) and Staff at NSW Parliament. He wishes to impart the knowledge he has gained from his years of experience to improve your staff’s teamwork and work ethic, and increase their productivity. His approach and philosophy have helped transform normal teams into high-performance teams, and he is eager to help your team snap into action and fire on all cylinders from kick-off to the final whistle.

In episode #171 of the Demystifying Mental Toughness, former Professional Australian Rugby League player and now an inspiring speaker and personal trainer, David Lindsay talks to me about ways you can improve your vitality to improve your chances of success.  We also touch on Mental Toughness in a Professional Rugby League as well as discussing the psychological side to martial arts.

Key Learning Points:

  • When you are smaller than others learning to play to and improve your strengths is important.
  • “The mental game beats the physical game every day.”
  • You can control yourself not your opponent, so don’t waste time focusing too much on them.
  • Mental Toughness in a Rugby League setting is all about your ability to keep moving forwards despite pressures that exist.
  • A bigger picture mentality without too much emotion is necessary to perform at the peak of your powers.
  • To psych yourself up, consider energising music or rituals like the All Blacks “Haka.”
  • Visualisation and self-talk are other useful tools to improve your energy and intensity levels.
  • Ensuring you look after yourself with adequate rest and recovery is essential to raise your vitality.

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David Charlton

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David Charlton

Global Sports Psychologist who is located near Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK and willing to travel Internationally.  David also uses online video conferencing software (Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp) on a regular basis and has clients who he has supported in USA, Canada, South America, UAE, Australian and New Zealand.  

Managing Director – Inspiring Sporting Excellence and Founder of The Sports Psychology Hub.  With over 10 years experience supporting athletes, coaches, parents and teams to achieve their goals, quickly. 

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