What have Donald Trump, Wayne Rooney and Jessica Ennis-Hill got in common?

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In football, Wayne Rooney the England captain, has been dropped by his club and country recently.  Jessica Ennis-Hill, 2012 Olympic Heptathlon champion and World Heptathlon Champion has recently decided to retire from her sport to be a full-time Mum.  Then there is Donald Trump who is the Republican party nominee for president in the USA.  On November 8th he will find out if he has been successful or not in his quest to be leader of arguably the most powerful nation on the planet.

So what have these 3 people have in common?

They all now face career transitions and the prospect of dealing with the challenge of “change”.

Rooney is currently facing heavy criticism in the media and by fans about his performance levels.  Many people have differing opinions on his role in the Manchester United and England teams.  To date, he has acted with a lot of class publicly and appears a very tough and determined character.

Ennis-Hill like Rooney, is in the spotlight, as during the last week she has made the decision to retire from her sport.  According to BBC sources this is because she is fearful of getting injured and ending her career on a low.

Though on the outside both appear very strong, they are human beings after all with feelings.  I would imagine both will be experiencing natural emotions similar to grieving at times.

  • They could be feeling an emotional loss for a period – as they are not experiencing the feelings they have been used to when they were successful.
  • At times they will no doubt be thinking about the great times and be comparing themselves to that person a few months or years ago.
  • They will have conflicted emotions, caused by the change in familiar actions – for Rooney action’s that used to be easy to him.

They may even respond negatively:

  • By sleeping poorly.
  • Losing concentration more frequently than normal.
  • By changing their eating habits.

In their lives they may feel:

  • A loss of control or trust.

They may also go on to experience a range of emotions at unexpected times, such as; sadness, anger, frustration and numbness.

Donald Trump may have all this to come in the coming weeks too depending on the outcome of the presidency……  One thing is for certainty he will experience change and whatever path that does open up he may also experience some of these emotions alongside insecurities and self-doubt at times.

Being competitors and very successful in their respective occupations they’ll be told by many to get on with it!  I’m afraid it’s not that simple, just because they are in the public eye doesn’t mean that they aren’t human and have thoughts and feelings like us all.  In my next blog I’ll talk about the helpful solutions available to Rooney, Ennis-Hill and perhaps Trump…

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