25 Mental Game Secrets to Improve Your Golf

25 Mental Game Secrets to Improve Your Golf

the demystifying mental toughness episode 101 by david charlton

Welcome to episode #101 of Demystifying Mental Toughness.  This is part two of four specially created episodes to celebrate reaching our century!   This time the episode is created with golf enthusiasts in mind where the nine first class guests that have been interviewed on the show to date about all things golf and mental toughness share their key take home messages.  

You’ll hear about managing your emotions, getting the most from your practice and a lot more.  With the goal helping you or your clients shoot lower scores.

Relevant Podcast Episodes in Order and Sequence as Relayed in Episode 101

Ep004: Chris Paisley – Life on the European Tour

Ep017: Gio Valiante – How to Play Fearless Golf

Ep045: Andy Gorman – Building Confidence in Your Putting

Ep099: Trevor Jones – How to Deal with Overthinking on the Golf Course

Ep089: Will Shaw – How To Transfer Your Golfing Skills To The Course 

Ep062: JJ Vallely – Mastering the Mental Side Of Golf

Ep068: Andrew Nicholson – How Hard Is It To Become A Tour Professional Golfer? 

Ep013: Karl Morris – How to Stay Present like a Major Champion

Ep009: Andy Paisley – Play Better Golf Under Pressure

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