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07 July 2023

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10 Ways to Take Responsibility and Keep Moving Forwards

Do you have a “CAN DO” attitude?

When we coach athletes, parent our kids or manage people you’d like to think that we have others best interests at heart. 

That we’d be looking to try and cultivate a “can do” attitude where personal leadership comes to the fore.  However, do we?  I’d like you to ask yourself this question.

Often people get stuck in doing mode, simply working hard or getting comfortable in the way they go about things.  Neglecting the growth angle.  They also sometimes obsess with their own needs and their own sense of control.

Then we have the athlete who fails to take responsibility for their decisions.  Or who gets caught in a spiral of negative thoughts and emotions.  Who chooses to hone in and focus on their own and others negative qualities.  Their social interactions can also be unhealthy.

So how do we help athletes, kids or people in general to take responsibility for their own actions, behaviours and outcomes?

Firstly, lets consider what personal leadership is.  It refers to the ability to lead yourself effectively and make positive choices and decisions that align with your personal values and goals.

In essence recognising why you do what you do.  Understanding deeply what is important to you , being proactive in the goal setting process and taking massive action.

5 Resources that can help you and others with personal leadership include:

  1. Blog: Make Better Decisions to Help Your Sport Performance a Values List   
  2. Conversations with Kids – Values
  3. Children and Youth Motivation for Sport Quiz for Children
  4. Child and Youth Motivation Quiz for Parents
  5. Performance Profile for Goalkeepers

It starts with self-awareness as I often say in the Demystifying Mental Toughness podcast, it’s a mindset and a set of skills that anyone can develop should they wish or should others help them too.  The results are a person who goes on to take control of their destiny and life and is in a much better position to make a positive impact on themselves and others.

Other aspects of personal leadership include emotional intelligence, continuous learning and accountability.

Emotional intelligence involves being aware of and managing our emotions effectively, as well as understanding and empathising with the emotions of others. It enables individuals to communicate and connect with others in a more impactful way.

Continuous learning: Personal leaders are committed to ongoing learning and growth. They seek out opportunities for self-improvement, embrace new experiences, and reflect on their actions to gain insights and make adjustments as needed.

Integrity and accountability: Personal leaders hold themselves accountable for their actions and are willing to learn from mistakes and make amends when necessary.

5 More inspiring resources that can help you and others with personal leadership include:

6. This week’s Demystifying Mental Toughness podcast is also a useful episode to listen to where I chat with an advocate of Positive Psychology Lisa Avery.  We go on to discuss a measure of mental toughness, life control, which links to having a “can do” attitude towards life.  We also identify and cultivate positive emotions, character strengths, and virtues that contribute towards a feel good factor and overcoming our natural negativity bias.

BONUS This Mental Edge published on 27 January 23, is also likely going to help, especially if you need to get more clear with your goals.


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