Helping Leaders Recognise The Benefits Of Showing Vulnerability #BITESIZE

Helping Leaders Recognise The Benefits Of Showing Vulnerability #BITESIZE

Paula Eddy-Wilcox

Paula Eddy-Wilcox is a well respected Leadership Coach, The Natural Leadership Coach and Founder of Game of Leadership, The Podcast for Curious Leaders. When supporting her clients, business leaders and executives, she looks to empower you to achieve the things that you want in life.  Paula helps her clients to go about reaching their goals in a way that really resonates with them. By pinpointing your purpose and transforming your mindset, you can then go on to unlock a deep reserve of energy, drive, and natural aptitude that feels authentic to you.

She is not just here to encourage you to imagine what’s possible. She is very tenacious and calm and enjoys working together with her clients to hammer out actionable, step-by-step plans for achieving your goals. 

This is a short episode where leadership is the topic that Paula Eddy Wilcox and I discuss, specifically looking at vulnerability in leaders, coaches or managers.  From a mental toughness angle this links with a number of the measures from Peter Cloughs 4Cs Model of Mental Toughness.  Namely, interpersonal confidence and being comfortable in yourself when you communicate to others, to emotional control where we can choose to or not, express our thoughts and emotions to other people.  As well as, risk orientation, where we can decide to stretch ourselves or remain comfortable and learning orientation, where we can look to learn from mistakes.  Enjoy tuning in!

Key Learning Points:

  • One way to explain whether you choose to show your vulnerable side or not is to focus on it from the lens of a P-I-E perspective, Performance, Image and Exposure.
  • With 10% performance, 30% image and 60% exposure accounting for this.  In terms of exposure, are you putting yourself out there and being vulnerable in a leadership role?
  • Be honest about how you are and how you show up.  Are you too comfortable in the way you go about things?
  • Mentors and coaches can help you get more comfortable with the uncomfortable.
  • A fixed mindset can prevent you from showing vulnerability.
  • There are links with showing vulnerability and psychological safety.

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