Self-Care: How to Prioritise Rest and Recovery #BITESIZE

Self-Care: How to Prioritise Rest and Recovery #BITESIZE

Self Care

Nick Grantham is a performance enhancement specialist. His career spans four Olympic cycles and he is a founding member of the United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association and an accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach (ASCC). He has become recognised as a specialist in athletic preparation and has a wealth of knowledge in the physical preparation and injury rehabilitation of high performance athletes at the most elite levels; including professional sport, Olympic, Commonwealth, European, and World Championship standards.

Nick has worked closely with professional, National Governing Bodies and home institute medical teams assisting in the management, monitoring and implementation of injury management programmes. He continues to develop his knowledge of advanced training concepts and evidence based training principles. A sought after ‘expert’ he has presented seminars and practical workshops for the Football Association, BASEM, British Olympic Association and UK Strength & Conditioning Association.

Commitment is the ability to make and keep our promises which some people can find difficult.  Especially as our journeys are often littered with challenges whether that is injuries, loss of form, loss of confidence or technical difficulties.  In these moments, some athletes work harder but not smarter.  Some cultures promote this “you’ve just got to work harder” attitude too and ignore the importance of rest and recovery.

Therefore, this short bite sized episode, is all about educating you on why rest and recovery can aid your performances.  Where well-esteemed strength and conditioning coach, Nick Grantham, talks about rest and recovery and how you can go about prioritising methods to help you stay in peak condition in the long term and be able to keep those promises that you made to yourself.

Essential Learning Points

  • In team sports an individual’s needs can sometimes be overlooked.
  • It’s important to understand if your recover strategies are working for you.
  • Coaches should prioritise athlete input and collaboration for optimal performance.
  • Providing athletes with autonomy in recovery choices can increase motivation and self-belief.
  • Nick developed the Recovery Pyramid with Mark Jarvis to provide a logical structure for recovery interventions in sports.

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