Life Lessons from a World Champion Boxer

Life Lessons from a World Champion Boxer

Billy Schwer is a former British, Commonwealth, European and World Professional Boxing Champion who is now a personal performance coach and professional speaker.  

He has acquired 10 years experience in the study of Ontology, the study of the art and science of being as well as over 20 years experience in Professional Boxing.  Where is uses the metaphor Boxing for Life in his work where he supports his clients, middle aged men, to Rise Up, to Step Up to Man Up.  Developing, Challenging and Confronting themselves, to be their greatest and truest self.

Today’s guest is a former world boxing champion and now a personal performance coach and professional speaker.  In this episode, Billy Schwer and I discuss the controversial title of his book, Man Up.  We discuss Billy Schwer, the world champion boxer and the costs of being fully focused on glory as well as how his life now and personality has changed.  Mental health and showing vulnerability, which many men aren’t comfortable with is also part of the conversation.  It’s a great listen where his passion and purpose come out in abundance. 

Key Takeaways include:

  • After quitting professional boxing Billy hit rock bottom and had very difficult few years.
  • He had to be very honest with himself and consider what his purpose was now after having an identity crisis.
  • Everything in his life was attached to being a boxer from being a kid aged eight years old. 
  • The attributes that Billy had as a world champion boxer cost him many things in his personal life.
  • Billy the boxer had zero self-awareness.
  • Billy tells you about his preparation for world championship bouts.

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