Athletes: Being Perfect Comes at a Cost

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A lot athletes I have supported have struggled with perfectionism when practising and competing.  Perfectionist athletes demand a lot from themselves.  They have high and unrealistic expectations.  This can then lead to self-doubt and uncertainty when they do not perform to the standards that they set themselves.  These athletes often focus too much on perfecting their technique, the score or their performance targets.

The good news for perfectionists is that they are driven, determined and motivated to improve.

The downside means that they:

  • Quickly lose confidence
  • Expect to make no errors
  • Are very hard on themselves
  • Often lose their temper
  • Dwell on mistakes
  • Get stuck in a training mindset

How can I fix my perfectionist tendencies?

Perfectionist athletes lack knowledge on how to deal with the problem or deny that it damages their game.  The solution isn’t an easy one, however it is possible to achieve and the rewards can be fantastic!

Get the Most Out of Your Ability

I work with athletes of all abilities on a one on one basis.  Also, with different clubs hosting Mental Toughness workshops or programmes.  All of these events are organised in a fun and educational way so that any athlete, whatever the sport, can take away tools to help them overcome their own challenges.

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