Playing Professional Women’s Rugby

Playing Professional Women's Rugby

Taz Bricknell is a professional rugby union player, playing in the Premier 15s for Worcester Warriors.  She plays in the backrow and has also played for Gloucester-Hartpury and England Under 20’s.

Today I’m joined by Taz Bricknell, a professional rugby player for Worcester Warrior where she talks about the challenges involved in playing professionally in a male dominated sport.  We also discuss how COVID-19 has impacted her daily routines and her role as an ambassador in The Sports Business Club.  

Key Learning Points:

  • Taking a positive mindset towards negativity and using it as motivation.
  • Don’t listen to what outsiders have to say, focus on yourself and your teammates.
  • It’s natural that the Coronavirus has an impact on your motivation.
  • Managing playing professional rugby yet working many hours too.
  • Dealing with criticism on social media.
  • The importance of exercise and social contact for your mental health.

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