And Breathe: How To Prevent, Manage and Master Difficult Conversations

EP 207 Episode Cover Nicole Posner

And Breathe: How To Prevent, Manage and Master Difficult Conversations Nicole is  a Conflict Consultant supporting ambitious, visionary start-ups, founders and early-stage ventures anticipate, identify, prevent and manage potential conflict triggers before they escalate into a full-blown crisis and threat to their rapid growth. She has been working with businesses from enterprise to entrepreneurs to …

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Leadership: How To Mentally Prepare Yourself For Public Speaking

EP 199 Episode Cover Audrie Woodhouse

Leadership: How To Mentally Prepare Yourself For Public Speaking Audrie is a speaking consultant, coach, actress, speaker and founder of her international business, Honestly Speaking. In a career spanning more than thirty years in business, media, theatre, film and television, credits include BBC TV and Radio, ITV, Channel 4 and the Royal Shakespeare Company. She …

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How To Deal With Other People In Professional Football #BITESIZE

EP 173 Episode Cover Peter Ramage

How To Deal With Other People In Professional Football #BITESIZE

Peter Ramage Developing a Premier League Mindset
Peter Ramage Demystifying Mental Toughness 3

Peter Ramage is the Assistant Player Loans Manager for Premier League Club, Newcastle United.  He is a former footballer who began his career with Newcastle United before moving up to the first team where he played alongside, Alan Shearer, Craig Bellamy and Shay Given between 2004 and 2008.  He then moved to Queens Park Rangers ending a 12 year association with Newcastle United.  Peter also played for Crystal Palace, Birmingham City, Barnsley Kerala Blasters in the Indian Super League, Coventry City before ending his playing career in the USA with Phoenix Rising FC.  He also coached at Phoenix Rising FC and with the youngsters in Newcastle United’s Academy.

A measure of Mental Toughness is interpersonal confidence, which reflects your ability to deal confidently with challenges from other people.  Those with good interpersonal confidence are likely to be better at dealing positively with these situations and with people, tending to be more assertive.  They are also more comfortable in social or team settings, especially when mistakes occur or as is often the case, especially in some sports, when criticism is dished out.

Today’s short bite taken from episode 03 of Demystifying Mental Toughness, touches on this topic where current Assistant Player Loans Manager at Newcastle United Football Club, Peter Ramage tells me about some of the situations he came across as a professional footballer, he also shares with you some helpful advice from some of the lessons that he has learned in dealing with others in a football environment.  Enjoy tuning in!

Key Learning Points:

  • Dealing with a lack of game time as a young footballer.
  • Coping with criticism from teammates, coaches and fans.
  • Dealing with being dropped and pushing yourself when you’re a squad player.
  • Ideas on how to approach your manager when you are seeking answers or looking to improve.
  • It is vitally important to be honest with yourself and take some time to reflect on your approach and mindset.

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