Overcoming Psychological Challenges in Elite Professional Women’s Football

Overcoming Psychological Challenges in Elite Professional Women’s Football

Hannah Bromley

Hannah Bromley is a Sport Performance Psychologist and former professional and international athlete. Hannah is on a mission to help athletes put the stoke back in their game and reach their peak performance by using mindset insights, tools and techniques. When Hannah’s not consulting with athletes via hbathletemindset.com you’ll find her chasing waves up and down the east coast of Australia and around the world.

In this episode I was joined by former professional footballer Hannah Bromley where we had a fascinating conversation.  We discussed the pressures of playing international football, playing overseas in different cultures and how this went on to impact her performance levels.  Coach communication was part of our conversation too as well as mental health, bulimia, bullying and her passion for sports psychology.  It’s well worth a listen!

Key Learning Points:

  • The highs and the lows of professional sport were a big part of the conversation and in Hannah’s words were “incredible.”
  • Not knowing the language when playing overseas can be a barrier and impact your confidence levels.
  • The younger Hannah would have benefitted by having better daily habits and reaching out for support.
  • Conflict resolution is a skill that can be developed.
  • Effective coach communication is vital and has a big influence on a players’ welfare, mindset and performance levels.
  • Seeing the coach as a person and not placing them on a pedestal is helpful for a player.
  • Developing a psychologically safe environment is essential for players to be able to fully express themselves.

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