Leadership: How To Mentally Prepare Yourself For Public Speaking

Leadership: How To Mentally Prepare Yourself For Public Speaking

Audrie is a speaking consultant, coach, actress, speaker and founder of her international business, Honestly Speaking. In a career spanning more than thirty years in business, media, theatre, film and television, credits include BBC TV and Radio, ITV, Channel 4 and the Royal Shakespeare Company. She is a successful international speaker in her own right and works behind the scenes as a secret weapon to influential speakers and leaders, ensuring sophisticated, authentic, and faultless performances every time. As well as this, she isproud to work with large and small organisations including the NHS, Strata Homes, Network Rail, Portakabin, The National Composite Centre, Ecole Nationale de la Magistrature, Paris and Forte Financial LLP, delivering speaking and communication consultancy, training and strategizing their internal and external communications.Working with her you will speak with professionalism, authenticity, impact and present the best version of yourself in every area of your life.

In today’s episode Audrie Woodhouse, who was a fabulous actress and performer and now a successful coach and speaking consultant, shares some great ideas when it comes down to communication skills and public speaking, especially when we consider the key elements of leadership communication.  This episode is also a very helpful episode for those who dread speaking or performing and who let their inner chatter get out of control and end up getting very nervous.  Managing state, speech preparation and mental preparation as well as channelling your focus are features of what we discuss.


Key Learning Points:

  • Understanding yourself better, what it is you’re passionate about and what you want to say to the world when you speak is essential.
  • A speaking coach helps you write your own story so that you speak with your true authentic voice.
  • Politicians are under an awful lot of pressure, they have advisors, speech writers and communication strategists to help them come up with the right things to say however, that approach is not always effective.
  • Using your breath is key to managing your psychological state before you speak.
  • Body language is an important part of building rapport when you speak in public.

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