And Breathe: How To Prevent, Manage and Master Difficult Conversations

And Breathe: How To Prevent, Manage and Master Difficult Conversations

Nicole is  a Conflict Consultant supporting ambitious, visionary start-ups, founders and early-stage ventures anticipate, identify, prevent and manage potential conflict triggers before they escalate into a full-blown crisis and threat to their rapid growth.

She has been working with businesses from enterprise to entrepreneurs to navigate conflict for over 7 years, during which time she has witnessed the impact and destruction it leaves in its wake.

Her passion is supporting start-ups to mitigate these risks and ensure conflict is one less hurdle to overcome on their journey.

She began her career as a Workplace Mediator where she gained valuable insights into the underlying causes of conflict. Together with 6 fascinating years studying psychology (just for fun!) she quickly discovered what triggers and fuels conflict She has really seen it all!

Nicole is author of ‘and BREATHE…Prevent, Manage and Master Difficult Leadership Conversations in Business and Beyond!’ and was voted Communication and Conflict Consultant of the Year in the SME News Greater Enterprise Awards 2022.


In business and sporting organisations conflict is widespread and there is a need for leaders and managers to be able to prevent, manage and master difficult conversations to improve the overall culture.  As a result, people then feel more respected and valued, job satisfaction improves, as well as performance and the mental health of those involved.

Today’s episode looks to help you in this respect where author and conflict crisis consultant, Nicole Posner, helps you understand the psychology behind difficult conversations and why we avoid them.  She discusses what creates and drives conflict and offers some tools to better deal with conflict.

Feel free to tune in!

Key Learning Points:

  • Fear can take over where we fear losing control, fear the confrontation or fear being judged.
  • Our brain often goes into protect mode when we are faced with difficult conversations.
  • Power dynamics play a huge role in conflict management.
  • Unresolved conflict can play a part in mental health challenges for some people.
  • Improving your self-awareness and emotional intelligence is paramount in conflict management and resolution.
  • When giving feedback, being curious is a great tool to use as is listening attentively.
  • By simply making time for small talk, you take a proactive approach in preventing difficult conversations. 

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Nicole Posner Conflict Crisis Consultant Website

Book written by Nicole Posner

And Breathe…: Prevent, Manage and Master Difficult Leadership Conversations in Business and Beyond!

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