How To Perform Under Pressure Close To Your Best #BITESIZE

How To Perform Under Pressure Close To Your Best #BITESIZE

professor adam nicholls

Adam is a professor of psychology within the Department of Sport, Health, and Exercise Science, at the University of Hull. The main focus of his research relates to the psycho-social factors that predict doping among adolescent athletes, along with coping and emotions among athletes. His research is supported by more than £1.5 million of funding. He has published more than 85 journal articles and written five books. His latest book, Psychology in Sport Coaching: Theory and Practice has also been translated into both Arabic and Hungarian.

One of the hallmarks of Mentally Toughness is the ability to perform well under pressure.  Whether you play golf or cricket, or enjoy gymnastics or netball.  It’s the same in your job if you have to stand up and deliver presentations at work.

So why do many people struggle with this? Why does thriving under pressure separate the great from the good on occasions?

Many things can prevent people to be able to perform in the manner they’d like to when the pressure is on for a host of reasons, including:

  • Performance anxiety
  • A failure to learn from past mistakes
  • Focusing on the wrong things
  • Making practice sessions too comfortable
  • Personality traits, for example your Mental Toughness
  • Off field pressures

Today’s short bite taken from episode 94 of Demystifying Mental Toughness, touches on this topic where Professor Adam Nicholls shares with you a few ideas to be able to improve the way that you perform under pressure.  Enjoy tuning in!

Key Learning Points:

  • Mental Toughness is about an athlete’s ability to be able to perform well under pressure, so that their performance is not adversely affected by pressure.
  • Typical signs that someone struggles with pressure are that their routines change, that they speed up or slow down or that they fail to carry out tactics and get caught up in emotion.
  • Experience is an important factor in making good decisions under pressure.
  • Simulating pressure in training and practice is another helpful approach to take.
  • Seeking to improve your self-awareness, being open-minded to learn is also essential so that you can make smarter decisions at critical times.

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