How To Help Athletes and Coaches Reflect On Their Performances

How To Help Athletes and Coaches Reflect On Their Performances

Mark Bennett

Mark Bennett MBE has spent the last 30 years developing robust and scalable strategies and tools to help organisations, teams and individuals maximise the performance potential of themselves and the people they are influencing.

Mark hasn’t just developed the ‘how to’ tools and strategies to increase engagement, learning and performance; he has designed powerful interventions that support the change required to embed the behaviours and cultures that maximise performance.

He has named this holistic approach the Performance Development Systems (PDS). PDS focusses on two key elements:

  1. Making people better influencers
  2. Supporting the transition of change required to live by the principles & behaviours needed to be a great influencer

For more information on Marks services & a host of free resources check out his website

Many athletes and coaches understand that one measure of Mental Toughness, COMMITMENT, showing maximum effort, making promises and keeping them, setting goals and not getting to side-tracked is vitally important.  What this can also mean is a lot of athletes and coaches get carried away with simply being busy and trying to improve.  This often results in performance plateaus. 

Why is that?  A trap that many people fall into is a failure to learn from mistakes and performances.  This challenge is the motivation for creating this episode with leading performance coach, Mark Bennett MBE, where we discuss live decision making from an athlete and coaches’ perspective.  We also chat about individual sports and team sports, the differences, working with multi-disciplinary teams, hot and cold review processes and a lot more.  Enjoy tuning in!

Key Learning Points:

  • Coaches are a huge influence on how athletes go on to make decisions and reflect on those decisions when they’re playing their sport in the moment.
  • Helpful processes in decision making link to ensuring emotions are managed, environmental factors are controlled, being able to reflect live whilst understanding how choices in the execution of skills go on to influence the outcome.
  • Helpful questions to ask yourself, start with – Am I in an effective state?
  • Recognising if your ego gets in the way of your performance is essential for both coaches and athletes.
  • Outcomes and too much though on technique can confuse a lot of golfers and impact their performance negatively.

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