How To Manage Your Emotions To Improve Your Golf #BITESIZE

How To Manage Your Emotions To Improve Your Golf #BITESIZE

Karl Morris is not a Sports Psychologist but a PGA Golf Professional specialising in Performance Coaching.  Widely regarded as one of Europe’s leading performance coaches.  Karl delivers cutting edge methods of peak performance and goal achievement to a range of clients across sports and business.  From the world of professional golf, Karl has worked with multiple winners including 6 major winners Louis Oosthuizen, Graeme McDowell, Darren Clarke and Lee Westwood.  He has also supported top class amateur golfers, including numerous Walker Cup and Curtis Cup players.  As an author Karl has written several books including The Lost Art of Putting and The Lost Art of Playing Golf.

Karl Morris’ Books: Attention: The Secret To You Playing Great Golf, The Lost Art Of Playing Golf, The Lost Art Of Putting, Golf In The Zone

In today’s episode of Demystifying Mental Toughness we dip back into the archives and take a short bite from episode 13 where leading performance coach Karl Morris and I chat about emotional control an essential ingredient of Mental Toughness.  Karl goes on to share a very simple and effective strategy for those people who find it hard to let go of mistakes, stay calm and level headed. Or the golfer or athlete who gets too excited and finds they can think too far ahead when they’re performing well.  It’s a strategy for golfers however if you get creative this concept can be applied to any sport or setting.  Enjoy Tuning in! 

Key Learning Points

  • Play a round of golf and look to observe your behaviour.  
  • Make a note of your reactions to shots or how you you spend time between shots.
  • Why not use a mental scorecard to engage your competitive side by scoring your reactions on the course? Tick if you remained present or cross if you could have handled things better. 
  • If you train yourself to react well and you go on to swing it well, you start getting very close to playing to your full potential.
  • Good players get ahead of themselves, everyone does. However good players are quick at noticing when their mind is stuck in the past or when they get caught trying to predict the future. They are then quick to move on after recognising it. 

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