Workplace: The Wonders of Your Environment – Interview: Susanne Brown – Part 1

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Career coach and i3 profiling lead associate, Susanne Brown talks about how she uses the i3 profiling productive environment tool in her work as a career coach, successfully supporting individuals through career transitions. 1. Can you describe how you use … Read More

Case Study: Developing a fearless approach with a professional footballer

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The Client: A centre forward who had played professional football for 5 years The Challenge:  The client had played with his existing club for 12 months.  The first six months he played regularly in the first team and performed well … Read More

Can you measure my progress? Yes!

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Professional coaching or sport psychology consulting is regarded by some as touchy/feely or pink and fluffy.  For instance, I’d be a very rich man the number of times I’ve heard the line, “You’re the guy who does the positive thinking … Read More

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